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March 25, 2013

How Substance Abuse Takes a Major Toll on Workplace Safety

Check out this comprehensive training course on the terrible effects drugs and alcohol can have in the workplace, “Safety and Substance Abuse in the Workplace.” Many people are beginning to realize that substance abuse can take a major toll on maintaining a safe work environment.
The abuse of drugs and alcohol negatively affects the skills needed to perform daily job tasks.  These skills include:

  • Motor skills; various body movements requiring muscle control
  • Memory; ability needed to absorb, process, retain, and recall information
  • Judgment; using information and experience to evaluate a situation, form an opinion and make the best decision
  • Mood control; ability needed to keep emotions in balance to focus on tasks

The course also explains the categories of substances; hallucinogens, alcohol, cocaine and over-the-counter drugs.  All drugs have medical and psychological effects during and after taking them, which are uncontrollable. This training details the side effects based on the category of drug. 
Do you know what problems could be caused by having someone in your work area under the influence of drugs? The truth is, there are many issues that stem from the use of drugs such as:

  • They could be injured
  • They could cause an injury to others
  • Coworkers have to carry their workload
  • They might lose their temper more easily

Consider these issues when training employees on recognizing, along with avoiding, the abuse of drugs and alcohol.  When the abuser is under the influence – coworkers have to pick up the slack and everyone’s safety is on the line.

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