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September 29, 2011

How to Avoid Contamination Around the Laboratory

Working in a laboratory you probably come into contact with countless different materials in a given day. While common work practices and personal protective equipment help prevent accidental exposure to chemicals, sometimes we become complacent with our daily tasks and put ourselves and others at risk without realizing it.

You may have on gloves that protect your fingers from the tiny splash as you pour a chemical into a beaker. You then pick up your pencil to write down a note, later after you’ve removed your gloves you take that same pencil with you to lunch to finish writing down your thoughts. Now you are at risk for getting chemical residue on your bare hands, maybe even on the food you are about to ingest. This is an example of how easily contamination can occur.

Laboratory Safety: Preventing Contamination” demonstrates the hazards of working in a lab and the safe work practices you should adapt to prevent contamination. The training video covers protective equipment and controls, safe work practices, taking precautions against contamination, and protecting materials and equipment.

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