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June 13, 2012

How to be an Effective Team Member at Work

Course screenBeing able to work well with others is a necessity whether at work or play. It’s virtually impossible to live in complete solitude so you might as well learn how to co-exist peacefully. Great programs are available to help develop team building skills. If you have been a workgroup participant that is tasked with delivering a product or  coming up with a solution to a problem there is a lot that can be learned from Team Building: Understanding Team Member Styles. This course offers insight and direction on how to recognize the benefits of  team members styles and work well when we all bring a different skill set to the table.

Course screen

Working effectively as a team is crucial, especially when it comes to crisis response, doing this well can save lives. Team Building: 5 Factors for Successful Crisis Response explains the five factors that must be in place prior to a crisis. The factors explained can be applied to work or home.

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