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June 10, 2011

How To Keep A Safe and Respectful Workplace

Work-related stress can lead to a lot of things, but you don’t want violence to be one of them. It is important for employees to feel safe at work, nobody needs to worry about a co-worker’s aggressive out bursts or feeling uncomfortable because of sexual harassment.
The fact of the matter is not only do these types of behaviors lead to people feeling uncomfortable and changes in job performance, sometimes they can lead to violent and dangerous situations.

There are ways to manage anger in the workplace, as well as making employees aware of their duty to be respectful to all their co-workers.
Workplace Violence: Managing the Anger to Prevent Violence” presents techniques to manage escalating situations before they blow-up or become an instance of workplace violence. The course specifically explores work-related stress and methods for preventing violence.

Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, and Respect (Management Edition)” demonstrates different forms of harassment and discrimination as they may occur in different work settings. Sometimes the person who is doing the harassing may not even be aware of how their behavior is being perceived.
Providing employees with information to make them aware of how to manage stress and maintain a respectful work environment is important. People don’t always think about those things before they act/speak – showing them the results of such behavior will help people remain cognizant of their actions, making it easier to avoid inappropriate behaviors. It is also important for upper-management to demonstrate a commitment to a safe and respectful for workplace, so if an issue does occur employees know they can talk to someone and be supported.

Note: “Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, and Respect (Employee Edition)” was previously released. The employee edition is more general, while the management edition include messages specifically geared towards those in leadership roles.

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