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January 30, 2013

How to Keep Negativity Out of Your Workplace

Negative attitudes in the workplace do a lot of damage to a team’s productivity in a short period of time.  Behavior impacts team goals, as well as the type of environment the team must work in.
Understanding the types of attitudes which lead to negativity as well as how to fix them, will create an enhanced and more dynamic team.
There are many types of attitudes that create a negative workplace.  These attitudes include; the “letting everything get to them,” the perfectionist, the resister, the “not-my-job”er, the rumor monger, the uncommitted, and the pessimist.
In order to change these attitudes certain procedures must take order.  The first one being, personal acknowledgement, the person with the negative attitude needs to take responsibility in recognizing their behavior.  Next, if you work with someone who is negative, help them and discuss the attitude problem taking place.  Finally, focus on the behavior, not their personality.  It is not the personality we are looking to change – it is the behavior the person is doing that affects the others around them.
A positive attitude is closely related to motivation, work enjoyment and productivity.  Use Mastery’s training course, “Curing Negativity: Creating Positive Attitudes,” to help your team promote enthusiasm for their upcoming projects as well as daily work routines.

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