October 24, 2016

How to prep managers to conduct interviews

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Are your interviewers asking legal questions?

When it comes to preparing someone to conduct an interview there are many things to consider. Making sure the interviewer understands the job role, is familiar with the candidate, and knows how to assess the cultural fit of a candidate.
In a recent Business News Daily article on the subject they suggest the interviewer preps by researching the candidate and the job description. For the actual interview, they suggest making the candidate comfortable and making sure to not monopolize the conversation.
Another factor to consider when preparing someone to conduct an interview is the legal aspect of conducting an interview. Managers need to know what they can ask interviewees in order to respect privacy and abide by the law. 
The legality of questions asked in an interview is not subjective, compared to many of the other recommendations you might find when searching how to conduct an interview. These kinds of issues should really be addressed with managers, or any employee conducting interviews, with a more formal training solution.
MasteryTCN recently released, “Can I Ask That? Legal Interviewing,” which demonstrates questions to not ask, how to properly frame questions, and how to ensure you are respecting a candidate’s privacy.
atsmddte_vod_03Using an e-learning program like this is a simple way to get all of your hiring staff  on the same page when it comes to interviewing.
After you are sure your interviewers know the boundaries of what is legal and appropriate, you can start tackling the other components of conducting a great interview.
For a full list of courses related to HR and EEOC compliance, click here. 

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