April 3, 2013

How to Protect Your Eyes at Work

Though we may not realize, many of our activities involve eye protection; eyeglasses to see more clearly, trendy sunglasses to block the sun and goggles for skiing.  Yet, when it comes to eye safety and protection on the job, why does it seem we are okay with skimping on using proper protection?  Losing your eye sight is something that can never be replaced, implementing proper protection at your workplace is essential in the prevention of eye injuries.
In the training course, “Eye Protectionwe discover the variety of eye hazards that can occur from:

  • Flying particles
  • Sparks
  • Splashes of molten metal
  • Broken glass
  • Sharp objects
  • Burns
  • Chemical splashes
  • Exposure to mists, vapor and gases
  • Radiant energy
  • Laser beams

The course “Eye Safety” course covers multiple topics such as; who is affected, how the eye works, eye strain, contact lenses, hazards and PPE, and eye injuries.  This course pays particular attention toward an unexpected threat; eye strain.  There are many factors that can cause eyestrain, such as:

  • Light contrast
  • Incorrect eyeglass position
  • Improper prescription
  • Prolonged use of monitors
  • High light levels
  • Glare
  • Outside/Ultra Violet light

Luckily, more than ever before, the practice of using eye protection is becoming common protocol.  Damage to any part of our eyes can cause real problems – taking responsibility for using these protection guidelines is imperative for your safety.

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