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March 11, 2016

How Training Contributes to Company Culture

How Training Contributes to Company Culture featured image

IMG_0968Do you feel your company culture is lacking? Ask yourself these two questions: What happens when you make a mistake at work? How is training regarded in your organization?
In a recent Fortune article, “5 Ways You Can Build A Great Company Culture,” valued training programs is cited as one of the  five components required to create a great company culture. Encouraging continuous learning and skill-building shows a company’s dedication to looking at problems as an opportunity to learn.
We are all humans, and humans make mistakes. Organizations who don’t react to mistakes with learning opportunities fall short when it comes to growth and employee satisfaction.
An environment where employees are encouraged to make training and learning a part of their day-to-day jobs is a mark of a thriving organization.
On top of creating training and learning opportunities, Fortune suggests the following four company culture boosters:

  1. Set goals and reward for results. Employees want to have a goal to work towards to help maintain focus. Goals give employees an idea of what success looks like.
  2. Empower your work teams.  Micromanaging people stifles creativity and innovation, degrades employee morale, and in the end, may impede teams from meeting goals.
  3. Allow talent to grow from within. The companies people love working at are the ones that offer opportunities to change job roles and encourage career development. The entry-level employee looking to move to the next level up might be your next great leader.
  4. Leaders inspire employees. Great leaders not only commit to the company vision, they communicate it. Employees will react and commit to the vision if their leaders help pave the way through communication.

Remember, training helps employees become better team members and stronger leaders, which helps your organization meet and exceed your goals.

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