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February 9, 2015

How’s Your Decision Making?

Effective decision-making can be a skill that assists in maximizing your company’s team building efforts. Effective decision-making allows individuals to develop skills that truly matter not just to them, but to the team. Being able to make good decisions in a timely manner will help your employees increase their overall performance.
decision making concept on blackboardMastery wants to help you in the area of effective decision-making this year with its training toolkit, “Become a Contributing Project Team Member.”
In the course entitled,“Become a Contributing Project Team Member: Effective Decision Making,” employees learn how to assess their skills and understand the impact of their decisions.
Mastery wants to provide you with a few reminders for making quality decisions within the workplace:

  • Gather all of the information in its entirety prior to making your decision.
  • types-of-decision-makingDon’t be afraid to ask for help. Be willing to reach out to others (co-workers, boss, mentors etc.). Use these individuals as resources toward your overall development.
  • Don’t be afraid to consider other people’s ideas. Share your ideas to help you see situations differently.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of the decision you are looking to make.
  • Respect others different opinions when making effective decisions.

Mastery wants you to improve your everyday decision-making! Check out this activity!

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