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May 20, 2014

If You’re Going to Talk the Talk, You Better Walk the Walk When it Comes to Training

No matter what industry you work in, training is imperative in maintaining a cohesive, motivating, creative, productive, and safe environment.  An organization which understands the importance of proper training is one that works with integrity and commitment, and is shown through the products it produces.

In a recent article, Pal’s Sudden Service, a drive-thru restaurant chain based in Kingsport, Tennessee, was highlighted for its impeccable training program.  Its training demonstrates the restaurant’s commitment to employee development at the core of its culture.  Training at Pal’s covers everything from proper care of the uniform, to doing statistical process control.  To ensure employees comprehend training, each worker gets certified, by passing with an 100 percent,  in skills such as; cooking hamburgers, working the shake machine, and serving customers with an emphasis on customer service.
Perhaps the most notable belief engraved in Pal’s core values is CEO, Thomas Crosby’s vision that, “We want the experience here to be that, for your entire life, when you’re a doctor or a chemical engineer, you’ll look back and say, ‘The things I learned at Pal’s I still apply today’.”  An organization can have all the procedures and standards set in, but if your people don’t have the motivation to work with integrity and enthusiasm then what good do you have?

According to Ken Schiller, CEO of K&N Management which owns two restaurant chains in Texas, whenever Crosby is questioned “What if you spend all this money on training and then they leave?” he counteracts with, “suppose we don’t and then they stay?”  Honing in on training and follow-up ensures employees that you actually care about their well-being at work.  Especially as a leader, this exhibits your commitments to the organization which in turn inspires employees to hold the same passion you do – revert to the old, if you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk, concept.
By instilling and demonstrating the company’s mission and values, employees will take pride in their work as well as care for the workers around them.  Having this type of environment easily promotes a safe and efficient workplace.
Here at Mastery, we love hearing stories of companies who see the true value in training, and make it a core component in their company culture. The example with Pal demonstrates how training can have a major impact on employee performance and morale.
Mastery recently released three updated course titles to help reignite safety protocols in your restaurant.  The courses also remind us that even if you have all the rules, protocols, and training in place, the decision to work safely and with integrity lies within the person. These titles are now available on the Video On Demand format that allows learners to seamlessly access a course from any device.
Updated courses:
Slips, Trips, and Falls: Restaurants
Food Handling: Dishwasher Safety
Food Handling: Sanitation in the Food Industry

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