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February 14, 2013

Implement Proper Ergonomics for Worker Productivity

During a time of budget, raises and benefits cuts, employee input is important to maintain employee approval.  Truly listening, considering and acting on input helps the morale of the workplace, as your workers know they are being considered, though you may not have much monetary incentive to offer.  A major contributor for essential employee feedback and satisfaction is inquiring about their comfort at work.   To help keep morale up, proper ergonomics in the workplace play a vital role in reducing employee stress, strain and fatigue.
Keith Bilger, author of a recent article in Occupational Health & Safety magazine, “Comfortably Productive,” conveys information on the importance of employees’ comfort during work shifts and the duties you maintain as the safety professional for your organization.  Bilger hits on points throughout the article such as;

  • function over fashion
  •  keenly observe the right tools for the job
  •  importance of a comfortable workstation
  • remain open to suggestion
  •  assessment/education
  • economics of ergonomics
  • evolved and get noticed

Bilger makes sure to remind us, “As the safety professional, you have the ability to offer improved comfort, reduced worker’s compensation costs, and improved productivity … a great accomplishment for safety!”  It is also important to remember most changes needed to create a more ergonomically sound environment are inexpensive and simple to execute.
Mastery offers comprehensive training courses on the importance of ergonomics. Courses reiterate the steps to promoting effective ergonomics like;

  • proper posture
  • creating a good work environment
  • challenges on mobile equipment
  • body positioning and movement

Use the courses, offered in Advantage™ and Video On Demand; “Ergonomics for the Mobile Worker,” and “Office Ergonomics: Improving our Office Comfort,” to train employees, as well as safety professionals, in ways to generate a more comfortable work environment which promotes productivity and creativity.

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