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May 29, 2013

Improved to Better Connect Users to Training Resources

Mastery Technologies has revamped its website to serve as a hub for the company to help customers navigate to the most appropriate Mastery-branded site for their needs.  The site provides information on the big picture of how Mastery situates its different brands and provides services to both customers and content partners.

The new site helps customers and content partners better understand Mastery’s role as a training resource network, and how Mastery’s different training sites fit into the network. Mastery first introduced the TrainingPower™ brand in 2010, and is now able to fully present the concept of creating niche training sites to the public.

The updated site highlights content partners already working with Mastery, describes the partners’ individual specialty as well as how Mastery integrates their products into its service.  When an interested partner lands on the new site, detailed information is presented such as; merchandising, customer support, digital rights administration, and hosting and delivery.  The site also enables any interested customer to browse its:

  • Network of training sites –,,,, and
  • Newsroom – press releases, articles, media kit and fact sheets
  • Social media outlets – Mastery blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+


Read the full press release here. OR go straight to the homepage and browse the new site.

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