February 21, 2013

Include Safety Orientation in New Employee Training

Most people would argue there are more safety hazards and injury potentials working in a warehouse compared to an office; and they would be correct.  However, office safety becomes a hazard because not everyone considers safety a part of their job responsibility in an office.
In an office setting, there are major components to take into consideration as being hazardous. These hazards are explained in the Advantage course “Employee Safety Orientation: Offices” and the Video on Demand course, “Orientation: Employee Safety – Offices.”  Some of these components are:

  • proper use of electrical equipment
  • wearing proper footwear
  • chemical safety
  • fire prevention
  • safe lifting techniques
  • proper ergonomics

It is also important to know and understand your company’s own policies and procedures.  All in all, to prevent injuries and hazards in an office setting it is imperative to not take short cuts, and follow the job’s rules.
Mastery offers another detailed Video on Demand course, “New Employee Safety Orientation and Training” for warehouse and other industry settings.  This course covers specifics on personal protective equipment, hazard communication, bloodborne pathogens and good housekeeping.

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