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August 17, 2015

Increase knowledge sharing in your workplace

Increase knowledge sharing through employee collaboration.

Increase knowledge sharing through employee collaboration.

Why is sharing knowledge important in a workplace? According to a recent Global Deloitte survey, over 80 percent of Deloitte Knowledge users indicated that sharing information leads to both competitive advantage and an increase of client value.
The survey found that knowledge sharing leads to:

  • Enhancing the quality and ability to work together by solidifying a management system and enabling open discussion
  • Focusing on workers as a whole, rather than the bottom line in a business
  • Increasing efficiency, productivity and work by reducing time wasted by single-worker thinking as opposed to group collaboration
  • Linking and fostering employee relationships through collaborative methods
  • Real innovation.

If the employees of your business seem to be lacking when it comes to spreading the wealth of knowledge, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Create a chance for communication: Set up times in the office when employees can get together and talk about their tasks or reach out for help. Having an open office environment is a great way to encourage collaboration, which helps create bonds and strengthens the workforce as a whole.
  • Make it easy to find an answer: If an employees needs an answer fast, don’t make it hard to find. Maintain a list of work practices your business follows and be sure employees have access to it and other data centers. Leadership should take on a mentorship role, transferring their knowledge to the next generation of a business workforce.
  • Promote excellent work practices: A constant influx of data can help spur decision-making capabilities between employees and leadership.
  • Stimulate growth: Employee development should never stop. Ensure that employees are able to continue their education in your business, through monthly training initiatives, outside activities and worker input. Before creating new training though, be sure the previous information that has been given is both well-known and well-practiced.

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