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February 28, 2013

Learn from the St. Paul Saints How to Have Fun at Work

In creating a positive culture at work, an element of fun must be included.  Work is a place where people spend 40 (maybe 80) hours a week… shouldn’t it be enjoyable?  In some work cultures negative attitudes develop toward laughter, humor and fun; thinking that these elements decrease productiveness.  However, when these components are involved in the workplace a more productive and creative culture naturally emerges, creating an enjoyable job to be at.
The “Have Fun: Create a Positive Culture at Worktraining course reiterates the importance of how having fun improves the workplace.  The minor league baseball team, Saint Paul Saints, is the epitome of proving this importance of maintaining fun with their workers.  The course chose to highlight them because they are so successful within their organization and maintain happy employees to verify it.
The course illustrates three beliefs in creating a positive culture:

  • Discover your passion

–          Passion starts in your heart
–          What excites you?
–          Know why you are here

  • Bring a positive attitude

–          Attitude is 90% of life
–          Don’t take yourself too seriously
–          Laughter is a strength

  • Show people you care

–          Just be nice!
–          We’re all in this together
–          Look for ways to help and surprise people with kindness
Finally, the Saint Paul Saints believe “fun is good,” laughter is what people remember, so pass it on.  They trust this belief is what makes their organization prosperous.  Creating a positive environment begins with the attitude you carry to the workplace – and only you can choose what type of attitude you’re bringing.

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