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August 27, 2014

Listening 101 With Mastery Tech

Did you know statistics show 85% of what we know we have learned through listening? Or, on a typical business day, we spend 45% of our time listening, 30% of our time talking, 16% reading and 9% writing?
Today, we are going to take a crash course in listening. Listening is a key element to building rapport with your employees, as well as establishing relationships and trust with them. According to the International Listening Association, listening is really hard and requires a great deal of consideration. Listening is a skill developed over time. It is said our listening pace is usually faster than the rate at which people speak, giving us leftover mental time we can use or abuse.
In a recent post,  Degrees of Transition empowers readers in becoming better listeners by being present and focused while in a conversation. The post also emphasizes the importance of suspending judgement, avoiding facial expressions, watching non-verbal cues and not interrupting the individual you are having a conversation with.
GBC-ThanksforListening-May-8-2014Being a good listener is a key element to helping you become a better communicator. Our blog “Are You An Effective Communicator?” provides keys to become a better communicator.

Along with the keys displayed within this blog and Mastery’s training course entitled “Active Listening Skills” will be on your way to being the best within your workplace.

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