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January 14, 2015

Make Corporate Wellness A Priority in 2015

Losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle is at the top of many New Year resolution lists for the year. Companies who choose to invest in their employees’ health by implementing a corporate wellness program demonstrate a vested interest in the overall well-being of employees. Incorporating a wellness program for your company helps eliminate stress, increases productivity and brings awareness to all involved.
According to Harvard Business Review, With an aging workforce and under recent federal health care legislation, companies can use the development of wellness programs to cut health care costs. Some companies, such as Johnson and Johnson, have already taken advantage of this incentive. Within the past decade, J&J has saved $250 million on health care costs.corporate_wellness_zoom
Did you know that creating your company’s wellness program can be as simple as implementing 3 ideas? Mastery presents a few ways to kick-start your free employee wellness program:

  1. Take An Assessment – Getting routine checkups can be a delightful or painful experience for some. Make it a motivating task for all of your employees by creating incentives for those who get their check-ups within a certain time period. Promoting preventive care helps your employees become more cautious of their health. This can also be completed by providing on site opportunities for blood pressure checks, blood screenings/drives, etc.
  2. Everyone Loves a Good Challenge – Create a water or workout challenge. There are several apps that will allow your employees to count their water intake or steps taken throughout the day. Separate your employees into two teams! Everyone loves a good friendly rivalry. The team with the most steps or drank the most water in oz. wins!
  3. Consider A Walking Meeting – Everyone enjoys a little sunshine or time away from the office. Consider hosting a meeting on the go. On-The-Go Meetings, according to an article in Talent Development are usually five to seven minutes, improve health by promoting movement, stimulate creativity and can become great brainstorming sessions.images-013

Making corporate wellness part of your team’s office culture also increases productivity within the workplace. Help your team fulfill their New Year resolutions by incorporating a corporate wellness program.  Read about how Mastery implements corporate wellness within our office culture and additional steps to developing your corporate wellness program by reading our previous blog, Get Your Team Physically Fit at Work.

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