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January 23, 2015

Make Professional Development A Priority In 2015

January is the month for setting goals and adding or subtracting to your new year’s resolution list. It’s safe to say self-improvement is at the top of everyone’s list, especially goals such as professional development or continuing education.
Continuinprofesionnaldevelopment2g education opportunities for employees is a known element that is used to retain employees and improve the overall growth of the company. Making your employees’ overall professional development a priority will help increase employee morale and productivity. Professional development can help employers distinguish the mediocre from the spectacular.
According to an article published by Skyhook Internet Marketing, investing in continuing education shows your company’s commitment to its employees personal progress and growth within the workplace. When developing a continuing education plan for employees, employers are reminded that each employee’s plan will be different. Mastery wants to provide you with the following reminders when developing a continuing education plan for your employees:

  • Take an evaluation Not every employee places personal development as a priority. Take the time to assess your employees interest in developing a plan.leadlearn


  • There is no “one” plan Each employee is different. Know that every professional development plan will be different. Don’t be afraid to adjust as needed.


  • Promote MentorshipOnce a plan is in place, motivate your employees to seek a mentor within their department or industry. There is a transfer of industry-related knowledge that can only be received through mentorship.


  • Invest in E-learning Providing your employees different ways of learning, such as providing online courses, will allow your employees to gain the knowledge needed and remain productive within the workplace.

Mastery Technologies is dedicated to providing employers with avenues to assist in their professional development needs. Mastery offers many courses that award CEUs (Continuing Education Units), and all of Mastery’s courses provide a certificate of completion. For additional information, visit

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