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February 20, 2013

Make Sales Stand-Out Above the Rest

Customer service can make or break the reputation of an organization.  Maintaining effective teamwork, staying customer focused and learning proper customer service skills create an organization that is reputable throughout the industry. offers training courses to help keep your sales staff focused on customer satisfaction.
The course, “Customer Service and Sales: Working as a Team,” depicts a real-life work scenario where a team does not work as a cohesive unit.  It covers steps such as; viewing policy and roles too rigidly, lack of respect, and failure to serve the customer.
Sales Calls: Staying Customer Focused,” provides steps to giving your customers the best service possible.  Steps they supply are:

  • Get to know your customer
  • Develop a relationship
  • Needs analysis
  • Listen
  • Present, overcome objections, and close the sale

Doing research on your customer before trying to push a sale, hearing their needs and objectives, and establishing trust creates credibility for yourself and organization.  To even further your employees’ and your skills, use the course, “Selling Skills from A to Z: 26 skills Improve Telesales and Customer Service,” which offers beneficial techniques to implement in your sales routine.  Make your organization stand out above the rest by providing outstanding and reliable customer service.

These courses are tailored for sales-focused customer interactions. Check out our other courses focused more on general customer service.

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