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March 7, 2014

Mastery is Collecting Cans for Charity!

Over the past few months, Mastery has been working to enhance our company culture.  We have implemented monthly spirit days, monthly breakfasts, a community bulletin board, and an employee recognition program. While Mastery regularly makes contributions to different organizations around the community, this time we thought we would create some stir around the office by letting everyone enter the charities they support into a drawing.

At our last open-house monthly breakfast we had a raffle to choose a charity to donate our bottle and can returns to.  At breakfast we drew from the charities and the Karmanos Cancer Institute was the winner.  For the entire year we are collecting bottles and cans at the office and will donate the return money to Karmanos! Mastery will also be making a matching donation  based on our earnings in can/bottle returns.

The Karmanos Cancer Institute not only provides patient care, but also is dedicated to research, education for the “prevention, early detection, treatment and eventual eradication of cancer.”

We’re going to keep this an ongoing tradition at Mastery and will continue donating to the great charities chosen by our employees.

How do you choose charities to donate to at your organization?

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