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November 21, 2014

Mentoring up: Can junior employees help senior managers improve?

Could your junior workers help your senior managers be better at their jobs?

Reverse mentoring could improve employee development.

Reverse mentorship relationships benefit both senior and junior employees

Traditionally, less experienced employees are paired with more established mentors, with the understanding that the former will benefit from the accrued professional wisdom and experience of the latter. However, some career counselors are now advising turning that formula on its head, with a concept commonly known as “reverse mentoring.” Here are some ways your junior workers could actually help your senior managers be better at their jobs:

  • Attitudes: A recent article in Fast Company suggests relatively green employees may invigorate those who might have become a little jaded over the years, by rejuvenating their attitudes and stimulating their engagement.
  • Cooperation: Encouraging mutually beneficial interactions between upper- and lower-level employees can promote overall cooperation and support, by reminding everyone that they are ultimately on the same team.
  • Creativity: Once you have achieved a certain amount of success in your career, it is easy to fall into a rut. Discussing ideas with coworkers outside of your usual circle can give you a creative jumpstart, leading to new ideas and innovations.
  • Perspectives: Newer workers may also give you, as a seasoned supervisor or executive, a better handle on what is happening “on the ground” at your company. This may empower you to make better, more strategic and productive administrative decisions.
  • Technology: Junior workers are sometimes the first to embrace new technologies, making them great resources for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the tech world.

There is an art to establishing and facilitating productive mentorship relationships that promote employee development. To ensure these interactions — whether informal or part of an official corporate program — are benefiting both involved parties, as well as the larger company, invest in cost-effective, efficient learning courses through Mastery Technologies.

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