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September 27, 2012

New Online Safety Training Courses Released This September

Among this month’s new releases is another batch of safety training videos geared towards the trucking and transportation industry. Some of these titles address specific driving behaviors, while some deal with other training needs related to the industry, such as coaching on nutrition and dealing with fatigue.
Driving: Speed Management
Driving: Special Driving Conditions
Driving: Bobtailing and Jackknifing
Driving: Safe Backing Of Tractor Trailer Rigs
Driving: Fatigue Management for the Trucking Industry
Driving: Road Rage
Slip and Fall: Preventing Slips And Falls In Trucking
Wellness: Transportation Professionals: Nutrition & Health
Other new titles released this month include:
Benzene: Working With Benzene
Stored Energy: The Hidden Hazard
Wellness: Diabetes Prevention And What To Do When You Get It

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