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February 13, 2013

New Online Training Courses for Injection Molding

Mastery Technologies has two new courses for injection molders now available on  These two new courses offer essential information on injection molding set-up.
The courses, Injection Molding Course 1 and Injection Molding Course 2, provide participants with better understanding of injection molding procedures and safety, how to best prepare for injection mold change-over, and how to properly remove an injection mold.  These videos also cover the following topics:

  • General molding injection, machine, and setup safety
  • Mold setup preparation
  • Machine dependent, independent, and hybrid process documentation
  • Scheduling a mold change
  • Mold examination
  • Machine safety check
  • Preparation for mold removal
  • Mold removal – disconnecting and lifting
  • Install, setup and program an injection mold into a machine for a production run

Both of the courses are offered in our interactive, Advantage™ format.  Supplying workers with these training videos will help employees maintain safety and proper procedures in your workplace.

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