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May 31, 2011

New Online Training for Restaurant Employees

Working in a restaurant can be fast-paced and stressful, and aside from the hazards of people running around, a kitchen can pose many risks to the health and safety of both customers and employees.

Food Handling: Kitchen and Food Service Safety” covers some basic safety practices to keep in mind when working in a kitchen. The course explains the risks and accident prevention methods when using common tools such as knives, grinders, coffee urns, fryers and ice machines. The course models for employees the proper way to clean up spills and other housekeeping procedures to prevent accidents and injuries.

Food Handling: Sanitation in the Food Industry” provides sanitation and cleaning tips for chefs and other kitchen staff. After providing an explanation of contamination and bacteria and how bad work practices can lead to illness, the video explains procedures for cleaning, sanitizing, handling raw food and cooking at the proper temperatures. The course is focused on safe work practices  to meet CDC standards, helping to avoid spreading food-borne illnesses such as hepatitis A and salmonella.

Food Handling: Dishwasher Safety” provides a detailed look at the hazards involved with using an industrial dishwasher or working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. The course provides lessons on preventing back injuries, cuts and burns, chemical safety, electrical safety and preventing slips and falls. This course is a great overview for the safety issues faced by the dishwashing staff in a restaurant.

Finally, “Slip and Fall: Preventing Slips and Falls in Restaurants” provides restaurant employees with a look at one of the major causes of workplace injuries – the slip and fall. Slips, trips and falls sometimes seem harmless – and may even give you a good laugh once in a while; but the fact is slips and falls cause thousands of serious injuries. To make matters worse, a restaurant setting contains many of the most treacherous slip and fall hazards; water, ice, grease and oil, not to mention uneven surfaces or changes in flooring. The Video On Demand course provides a look at the causes of slips, trips and falls, as well as demonstrations of behaviors that lead to falls and how to prevent incidents from occurring.

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