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April 5, 2011

NPHW 2011 – Injury Prevention Starts at Work

According to the most recent numbers reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2009 there were over 3 million total recordable cases of nonfatal work-related illnesses and injuries. There were also just over 4,000 recorded work-related fatalities.
Since OSHA was established in 1970, the U.S. Department of Labor reports a reduction in workplace-related fatalities by 65%. Even though a tremendous amount of progress has been made, people are still dying or getting injured in preventable accidents while on the job.
Today, day two of the National Public Health Week, the American Public Health Association (APHA) is asking you to remember injury prevention starts at work!
While employers should keep safety a top priority, it is every individual employee’s responsibility to make sure they are utilizing the appropriate safety precautions every time. Safe work practices are often cast aside as job tasks become routine, but complacency cannot be an excuse worthy of risking your health and the safety of those around you.
Training becomes a key component in creating a safety-conscious work environment. Well-trained employees will not only be safer, but will also be more efficient. As a leading provider of workplace health and safety training, Mastery Technologies firmly believes in the benefits of a well-trained and safety-conscious workforce.
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