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August 29, 2013

Positive Customer Service Prevents Social Media Criticism

It used to be that if someone had a negative customer service experience with a company, they would share it with a few friends.  Nowadays, when someone has a negative customer service experience, they share it online and the whole world has the opportunity to know about it.  Almost everyone turns to internet for reviews and comments on products or services before they purchase them.  To prevent negative conversation about your company, put your customers first.
There is always temptation to cut-corners while at work.  Unfortunately, taking short-cuts at work usually come back to haunt you.  To avoid this temptation, think like a customer, be aware of what they need and when they will need it – take ownership of every situation and follow through to find a resolution.
Our new content partner, Access Training Media, supplies a training course, “Customer Service Gone Viral.”  This course offers numerous insights on how to avoid negative feedback over the internet, and instead, promote positive conversation.
Customers are the reasons we have jobs, looking out for their best interests will prove your organization can exceed customers’ expectations and develop positive, and organic, word of mouth with their peers.  Plus, there is something positive about being able to view comments about your organization; easily distinguish areas where it’s excelling and where it’s lacking.

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