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August 28, 2013

Realize the Negative Impact Stress has on Your Life

Stress is everywhere we look, at home, at work, in the headlines and on television.  Our new content partner, Stress Stop, produces effective and comprehensive training courses on how to recognize, manage and deal with stress.  These courses depict realistic situations that many of us are faced with and are able to easily relate.
Stress is often overlooked as being the culprit to health issues, some of which can be very serious.  Understanding the signs and symptoms of stress is essential to identify and conquer the stressors in your life.  These recently released Stress Stop courses  help you to recognize, manage and master stress. 

  • Recognizing Stress:  learn types of stress and techniques in identifying and changing your lifestyle
  • Stress: Emotional Eating:  realize how stress effects what we eat, how we eat, how often we eat and where on our bodies we gain weight
  • Managing Stress:  learn how to tackle your stress with five steps, as well as how managing stress can promote optimal health
  • Mastering Stress:  acquire five building blocks to become stress resilient

Each course is also equipped with a Behavioral Change Module to help transform the information from the videos into a less stressful lifestyle.
Changing your lifestyle is not an easy task, but if you understand the negative impact of stress in your life; the motivation to start making changes will naturally take form.  Check our all our training courses on stress by visiting

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