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February 19, 2013

Resolving Conflict: Just Stay C.A.L.M.

Conflict will always arise in the workplace.  The worst thing to do when it does occur is to react emotionally, or without thinking.  Take a minute, a breather, refocus and try to move your reaction from an emotional one to a more rational and constructive one. offers the course, “Resolving Conflict: Just Stay C.A.L.M.,” which gives advice on how to work towards resolutions in a conflict.  The course offers the technique of C.A.L.M., which is:

  • C – clarify the issue, which is also the most important step
  • A – address the problem, which is broken into two further steps
  • L – listen to the other side
  • M – manage your way to resolution

It is important to remember there will always be some people who will not get it or stick to the resolution, despite all best efforts.  In these situations when the problem persists, the involvement of a supervisor should take place.  Though conflict is bound to happen at work, maintaining composure and remembering these C.A.L.M. steps will guide those involved toward a resolution.

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