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December 4, 2014

Safety must become top priority, as construction faces greater OSHA regulation

Safety needs to become a top priority.

OSHA has been increasing its safety and compliance monitoring of the construction industry.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has been increasing its regulation of the construction industry. Seeking to cut down on work site accidents and injuries, OSHA has launched the Fall Prevention Campaign, to emphasize that falls are preventable. Through planning ahead, providing the right equipment and training employees in safety procedures, construction firms can reduce and eliminate falls on their work sites.
Planning ahead
Planning ahead requires that employers determine in advance how jobs will be done safely. This involves assessing the details to determine what individual tasks go into the job, and what equipment may be needed for each task. Moreover, cost estimates need to include this contingency, and employers must make this equipment readily available.
Providing the right equipment
The particular type of work should dictate the solutions employers implement. For example, with a roofing job, employers need to consider different fall hazards, including holds, skylights and leading edges. Accordingly, project managers or contractors should select fall prevention equipment, such as personal fall arrest systems.
Similarly, if you have workers who are six feet or more above lower levels, you need to use the right equipment, which includes ladders, scaffolds and safety gear.
Depending on the job, you will need different ladders and scaffolds. For roof work, in which your workers are using personal fall arrest systems, make sure each worker has a harness that ties off to the anchor. In addition, perform regular inspections of your fall protection equipment to make sure it’s in safe condition.
Training employees
Finally, it is critical that you train everyone in the proper use of equipment. OSHA highlights the fact that falls can be prevented by training employees on how to use specific equipment and in hazard recognition so they can spot and prevent any risks.
Compliance and safety are critical areas for all organizations, especially construction firms. Mastery Technologies provides employee training and safety training programs, including those directed towards those in the construction industry.

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