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March 18, 2013

Selling Skills as Easy as the ABC’s

The course “Selling Skills from A to Z: 26 Skills to Improve Telesales and Customer Service” offers 26 tips to improve sales and customer service.
The Telephone Doctor, Nancy Friedman, explains these best practices, and uses narrative examples to demonstrate how to use them in customer interactions :
A:  ask for time to talk
B: benefits
C: closing
D: discipline
E: echo questions
F: four killer words
G: go home ready to begin
H: humor
I: “I” irritates
J: Jerry’s pet peeves
K: know your objective
L: “let’s”
M: monogram the call
N: naturally inquisitive
O: one word answers
P: practice being positive
Q: qualifying
R: rejection
S: smile
T: tie-down
U: understanding needs
V: vary your responses
W: weak, wimpy words
X: x-out credibility busters
Y: you buy, or they buy
Z: z end (be creative)
Use this training to learn techniques used to boost sales and provide the best customer service to gain loyal customers for your organization; it is literally as easy as the “ABC’s!”

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