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February 14, 2011

Skype – Helping to Build Our Amazing Organization

In mid-October Mastery Technologies implemented a company-wide usage of Skype to change internal communications. Every desktop became equipped with a webcam, and our conference room was outfitted for video-calling. The impact of introducing video calls was immediate.

While our main office is in Novi, Michigan, we have Mastery Technologies employees working around the country in Texas, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Our day-to-day work requires us to easily connect with co-workers, even if their desk is in another state. For the past several years connection with out-of-state employees was accomplished at the desktop and network level via remote access and wide area networking. Instant messaging, emailing and phone calls were the only ways to achieve daily communication.

The ease of making a video-call through Skype quickly increased the amount and quality of communication between employees. Having daily face-to-face contact makes conversations more personal and has improved group dynamics, helping our out-of-state employees feel more connected.

Bill Marker, president of Mastery Technologies, pioneered the implementation efforts and firmly believes in the use of such technology.

“Wide-spread business-to-business video calling will make a big impact on the business of knowledge transfer. As partners in workplace training, we need to be fully engaged in video calling. In just the first three months of use it had a significant organizational impact on our team here at Mastery. I welcome video calls, and if you’re in the training and HR business, you should welcome them too. Once you have employed this technology you will immediately discover the ease and efficiency video-calling brings to your communication efforts.”  

The addition of video-conferencing is helping us make Mastery Technologies an amazing organization.

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