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July 18, 2012

Stay Safe This July With Our Latest Safety Training Titles

This month’s newest releases cover a range of safety topics including combustible dust, ergonomics, hearing protection, chain saw safety, propane safety, and battery charging safety.
Those looking for business skills will find a few new titles covering topics such as creative thinking, successful workplace behaviors for new hires and teamwork between customer service and sales.
Here is a full list of this month’s newest courses:
Ergonomics for the Mobile Worker
Office Ergonomics: Improving Our Office Comfort
Forklift: High-Impact Forklift Safety (Non-Graphic Version)
Lock and Tag: Lockout Tagout: It Would Have Saved His Life
Hearing: Are You Listening, Jim?
Battery Charging Safety
Combustible Dust Can Explode
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Chain Saw Safety
Propane Safety
Orientation: Employee Safety Orientation – Offices
Safety Awareness: Shattered: The Jeff Walters Story
Eliminate Barriers to Creative Thinking
Orientation: Successful Workplace Behaviors
Customer Service and Sales: Working as a Team

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