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December 10, 2014

Staying Productive This Holiday Season

Signified as the “busiest time of the year”, everyone is focused on holiday gatherings, shopping, gift giving and to many, vacation time. For some, the change in the weather can present distractions within the workplace. While external and internal stress may be at an all time high, companies must find a way to keep their employees productive during the winter months.
One way of keeping employees productive during the holidays is by implementing the  “Work-Life Balance” concept. A true work-life balance is described as one that contributes to two very important areas to an employee, their personal life and career life. If implemented correctly, the concept serves as a cohesive flow to assist employees with aligning their passion, skills and talents within their job descriptions or assignments. Utilizing a work-life balance concept will help your employees stay productive during the holiday months.
With so much to do and so little time to do it, Mastery wants to help you be productive this holiday season with a few practical tips to assist you and your employees with establishing a cohesive work-life balance this holiday season:work-holiday-signpost

  • Remain stress free – Our recent blog post Tis the Season… Why Stress?” provides some suggestions to remain stress free in the workplace, such as taking a “timeout” or finding an opportunity to give back through volunteering.
  • Prioritize – Managers and supervisors are encouraged to get with their employees and establish some common goals for the end of the year. Get organized by prioritizing your work and even at-home priorities. Determine what on your to-do list is of high priority and what is scheduled for after the holidays. With prioritizing tasks, timing is everything.
  • Be Flexible – Working on a group project? With many traveling for the holidays, schedule a meeting with your workers to coordinate your schedules. This will help take the weight off of each person and remain on task to get the project completed.
  • Use your break wisely – Still have shopping or other random tasks to do? Use your lunch break to get some of that done. Visit your local department store, mall or even online shop via your tablet to find some last-minute deals.
  • Simply, encourage yourself! – Didn’t complete a project in time? Or, find yourself getting behind? Look up motivation quotes or rehearse words of wisdom that others have instilled in you! Even print off your favorite inspirational quote and hang it up by your desk. This will help you stay focused and productive within the last months of the year.

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