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August 12, 2015

The importance of background screening employees

How can employee background checks enhance a workforce?

Is your hiring process adequate for your business needs?

Is your hiring process adequate for your business needs?

Background screening employees is an essential part of the hiring process. According to a recent HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, in addition to compliance risks, employers claim their top hiring concerns are poor quality candidates, high workplace turnover, absentee workers, fraud, theft, and workplace accidents.
So, how can employers enhance their hiring process? One way is to look at the background screening process with a new set of eyes. Keep the following three tips in mind when developing or strengthening your organization’s background screening plan:

  • Always ask for consent: Be sure to ask applicants, in writing, to consent to a background check. This should include what exactly will be a part of the search process, informs them of their rights and protects the applicant’s privacy. Although short background checks, such as googling someone’s name can be easy to complete, when it comes to further investigation, be sure to keep the applicant in the loop.
  • Be quick and efficient: Don’t keep potential applicants waiting, especially due to a screening check. As there are many applicants out there, there are also many jobs to be had. Don’t lose out on a great new employee or employees because the screening process took too long. Waiting too long to hear back from a potential job offer can potentially turn a new hire off from a job in general.
  • Keep it consistent: Don’t screen only one or two applicants. Instead screen the entire pool of potential new hires at once. Keep it practical, fair and consistent. If it doesn’t apply to the job description, don’t go searching for it.

There are many known benefits of a qualified screening test for new applicants. As employee turnover continues to surge, creating a background screening process can enable a better, more qualified hiring experience. Talent acquisition may be a problem in many businesses, but it doesn’t have to be in yours.
Enacting a screening process can also improve regulatory compliance. Satisfy not only industry standards, but your personal business standards as well. In addition to both state and federal regulations, personal business standards can help ensure  an employee is qualified and capable of doing the work that needs to be done.
Finally, increase the safety and security of your employees. Running even a basic background check should identify if a potential employee has had any run-ins with the law, and prevent their hiring. A check can reduce the instances of violence in the workplace, negligent work practices and failure to comply with important standards.
Background screening, no matter how thorough or basic, should remain a crucial part of your hiring process.
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