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July 24, 2015

The importance of trust in your business

Employee trust and teamwork are a vital part of development and progression.

Employee trust and teamwork are a vital part of development and progression.

Trust is one of the most important parts of a successful business, maybe even the most important in terms of productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.
According to research conducted by University of British Columbia professor John Helliwell, employees are happiest when they work with people they feel as if they can trust.
Research conducted by Dennis and Michelle Reina of the Reina Trust Building Institute echoes this belief that trust “is the critical ingredient and trustworthiness is the descriptive word that helps to define authentic leadership. Without trust, employees have little interest in being creative, taking risks and collaborating.”
How can management and leadership build trust? Keep these five tips in mind when it comes to enhancing trust at employee, leadership and corporate levels:

  • Be consistent: One of the greatest aspects of trust is consistency. Changing work standards and practices at every turn will not only confuse employees, but will most likely irritate them as well. Remaining consistent sets a foundation of understanding and reliable work practices, which then translates to productivity and output.
  • Communicate clearly: One of the biggest issues relating to trust is employee confusion. If an employee doesn’t understand how something should be done or what exactly needs to happen because of a lack of understanding, things will go south quickly. Be concise and consistent when explaining new changes. In addition, consider employee training such as e-learning courses or other materials for an easier transition.
  • Encourage recognition and ideas: Employees are more apt to trust both their employer and each other if their voice is heard. Encourage feedback through check-in meetings and every day development practices. Workers should always be encouraged to have their ideas heard and know they will be recognized and appreciated. This also encourages bonds between employees, connecting a workforce and creating a stronger team dynamic.
  • Maintain a purpose: When workers have a clear sense of purpose and understand their role in a business, they are more likely to contribute and remain engaged. Invest in company purpose through team building exercises, open forum meetings and setting goals. Knowing a contribution makes a difference in the grand scheme of things, big or small, is a great way for workers to feel as if their work matters.
  • Understand why your business needs trust: This may seem obvious, but if a business as a whole doesn’t believe in trust, it will be hard to find true success. Ensure that all levels of employees believe in the importance and implementation of trust. This begins with leadership members and trickles down into all other facets of the business.

Building trust is a vital part of employee development, progress and engagement. Ensure your employees trust in your business and each other with easy to use e-learning courses.

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