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August 28, 2015

The real benefits of mobile learning

How can mobile learning enhance your business?

How can mobile learning enhance your business?

Mobile learning is a rapidly growing area for both the training and development of employees. As the amount of mobile devices worldwide has now exceeded the current population, and more technological advancements continue to emerge, how can your business reap the benefits as well?
One of the most important factors to remember when engaging in mobile learning is learning to successfully operate across new and changing learning spaces.
“Twenty-first century learning is not confined to a geographical location, or a particular space designated for learning purposes,” said Colley and Stead.
According to the American Ambient Insight Report, 39 percent of organizations are already using this initiative. There is a growth rate of almost 30 percent among U.S. companies investing in mobile learning.
Keep the following four benefits in mind:

  • Distribute learning quickly: Mobile learning allows information to be distributed quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality. A recent report conducted by the Student Retention Report found that a higher retention rate of knowledge is developed by using mobile.
  • Cost effectiveness: Mobile learning can be accessed by any number of employees at the same time. Unlike other types of learning, mobile information can be changed at any time to update information or add new modules. In addition, mobile training, such as e-learning videos, can be used again and again. Unlike having to bring back a speaker and pay for it, or holding a large assembly for learning, mobile learning works when employees need it to.
  • Encourage collaborative learning: Those that use mobile capabilities can interact with their mentors, fellow employees or leadership to learn even more. Using mobile training, such as watching videos remotely, allows employees to watch together or on their own, creating an open dialogue of information.
  • Wider access: Remote staffing and telecommuting continue to increase in businesses. It allows employees to access information from anywhere in the world, increasing learning and the range of a businesses reach at the same time. Constant access to information can create a less stressful working environment, encouraging workers to remain within a business, increasing retention and overall happiness.

The 2012 report Mobile Learning: Driving Business Results by Empowering Employees in the Moment found that, “The correlation with business results is direct. Putting learning in the palm of people’s hands — exactly what they need, when they need it — can have an immediate positive effect on the bottom line”.
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