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February 17, 2015

Training can help turn sales reps into managers

Training can help turn salespeople into managers.

Training can help turn salespeople into managers.

One of the most difficult parts of promoting an employee is forecasting how he or she will adapt to the challenges inherent in their new position. Some workers are very well-suited to their current jobs — and receive promotions because of it — but ultimately fail when faced with tasks outside of their comfort zone. This is especially true of salespeople, many of whom are advanced within an organization because of their ability to sell, but who lack the skills required to manage.
This is not a failure of any particular employee. Selling and managing represent two distinct skill sets, and excelling at the former does not necessarily mean a knack for the latter. If your primary criterion for who becomes a manager is their sales figures, you could find yourself with under-qualified leadership.
Thankfully, however, there is something you can do to alleviate this. Great managers aren’t born, they are developed, and management training can make a big difference in a recently promoted employee’s ability to adapt to their new role. By browsing Mastery Technologies’ library of training videos, you can make sure your entire staff is ready to step in and lead when the time comes.
There are ancillary benefits as well: our video library allows to you feel more confident promoting internal candidates, which can in turn help employee motivation. As well, your new managers will be intimately familiar with both the sales process and your company culture, ensuring that there is little friction and setting your entire organization up for ongoing success.

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