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October 7, 2014

Training managers to be mentors can improve workplace culture

Training programs can empower managers to be great mentors.

Improve workplace culture by encouraging senior employees to mentor younger ones.

If you want to dramatically improve your workplace culture, encourage your managers to actively mentor less experienced workers. Mentorship encourages a sense of camaraderie, improves productivity and increases on-the-job satisfaction for both parties. Managers who are in touch with their team members’ aspirations and ambitions are better able to inspire them and help them meet their goals. This, in turn, leads to a more positive, engaged work environment with less burnout and apathy.
Many people mistakenly believe that any successful, mature employee will make an effective role model. However, management and mentorship, like anything else, are learned skills. Management training courses, like those offered at Mastery Technologies, can help shape effective leaders who bring out the best in their teams. It’s crucial supervisors understand how to facilitate mentoring relationships that encourage professional growth and career development.
Here are some tips to consider when acting as a mentor:

  • Communicate: In the most successful mentoring situations, both mentor and mentee are on the same page when it comes to expectations. For example, if you expect to meet about once a month, but your less experienced counterpart anticipates talking at least a couple of times per week, the latter may feel neglected.
  • Don’t be controlling: As a mentor, you naturally want to see your mentee succeed. However, it’s important to strike the right balance of being supportive without being controlling.
  • Think long-term: Remember to keep an eye on the future as your mentoring relationship develops. While you will likely serve as a valuable resource and sounding board in the short-term, you should also help your counterpart stay focused on reaching long-term goals.

Training your management to serve as effective mentors is a key step in improving workplace culture and increasing employee retention rates. Make an investment in your company’s future today.

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