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August 6, 2013

Wait, What? The Importance of Active Listening

At work we are busy with the constant flow of emails, phone calls, meetings and collaborating with others.  During all of these activities there is one important action that many of us tend to lose; listening.  Active listening helps a team work in a more cohesive and efficient manner, and yet, is the one of the last skills we think to tend to.
According to an article from T+D magazine, “the art of active listening often is overlooked when compared with the other business acumen skills that executives must demonstrate in their day-to-day work and interactions.”  Understanding the importance of listening in your workplace can start from within.
In the article, John Keyser, offers his advice to help consciously begin the practice of becoming a better listener.  Keyser suggests:

  • Decide that you want to become a better listener
  • Quiet your mind
  • Tune into what people are not saying
  • Lean in and keep comfortable eye contact
  • Ask questions for clarification

Keyser also reminds us that no matter how great a listener you believe are you, there is always room for improvement.  We all know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re not heard or  that you are being ignored.  Start the trend of improved active listening in your workplace!
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