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September 19, 2016

Ways to drive creativity in the workplace

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As a company leader, it is important that you examine the creative atmosphere in your office and find new ways to drive innovation.

Creativity is the driving force for success.

As a company leader, it is important that you examine the creative atmosphere in your office and find new ways to drive innovation.

In many industries, creativity is the driving force behind success. Innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking are the reasons companies like Apple, Google and others have done so well. As a company leader, it is important for you to examine the creative atmosphere in your office. Does it seem to be thriving, or is it a little lifeless? If you find you are in need of ways to drive creativity in your workplace, take a look at the suggestions below:  
Create a culture of innovation 
Your company culture will have a major influence on the creativity in your business. If your culture seems rigid or old-fashioned, people may be less inclined to suggest new ideas. However, if you communicate how open you are to hearing suggestions and will respect people’s creative thoughts, you may find your employees will be more likely to come forward with innovative projects. Try to establish the creative culture early and inform new hires of your visions and goals. This helps ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page.
Encourage collaboration
Have you ever heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one?” This is especially true when it comes to creativity in the workplace. Instead of pitting employees against one another, try encouraging teamwork and collaboration. A pair or team may be able to find a solution to a problem that one person missed. They may also find new methods for doing business that could save time, money and energy. This also promotes a sense of camaraderie among your employees.
Reward creativity 
People like to be recognized for achievements and good work. Therefore, it can be beneficial for company leaders to host quarterly awards ceremonies that showcase the best creative work from different teams. This not only gives the highlighted individuals a sense of pride, but also encourages the other employees to push themselves to produce work that is creative enough to be rewarded. In between showcases, send out emails mentioning a few people who have been performing well.
Make sure your employees are equipped to innovate 
Even if your company is on a budget, it is important to make sure your employees have what they need to produce great work. For example, a graphic artist cannot create amazing designs without the software to do so. Nor can a videographer make great videos without a nice camera. If you want to be a leader in innovation, you are going to have to invest in certain items to assist your employees with realizing their creative visions. You might also consider hosting a company training session on creativity to make sure everyone has the same starting point for innovation.
Be receptive of other people’s ideas 
Nobody wants to present their ideas to someone who is not receptive or is disrespectful. Work on your body language and establish an open-door policy to encourage your workers to bring new ideas forth. If you are actively interested in the creative thoughts and projects your employees are completing, they will be more likely to produce great work. They may even break the mold and create something better than before if you give them the encouragement and trust to do so.
Without creativity, companies would struggle to continue doing great business. Creativity drives the innovation of new products, services and technologies. And it is the responsibility of every business leader to find ways to drive creativity within their organizations.
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