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June 12, 2013

What a Movie Classic Can Teach You and Your Team

One of our newest content partners, Advanced Knowledge, takes actual events, public figures, celebrities and movies, and transforms them into case studies which focus on a vast range of business skill topics.   This unique way of dispersing training video courses help to promote comprehension make the subjects easy to relate to.
Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don’t Quit,” uses the classic movie, Twelve Angry Men, and finds an array of areas that must be considered for a productive team decision-making atmosphere.  The training course supplies Dr. Margaret Wheatley’s five most important aspects from the movie and thoroughly explains lessons learned from each of these five aspects.
Common themes that occur throughout the lessons are promoting a different kind of leadership, the nature of the decision-making environment, and to invite diversity and experience into the team’s process.  Learn more about how your organization can learn from this classic movie by taking this intriguing course.

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