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January 27, 2016

What career skills are vital for a better 2016?

What career skills are vital for a better 2016? featured image

What career skills should your workforce have in 2016?

How will your office continue to change in 2016?

How will your office continue to change in 2016?

Is your business hiring a few weeks into the new year? With the holidays long gone, many managers are placing most of their focus on 2016, what improvements can be made and where the year can eventually end up.
The major theme being touted for many so far for the year echoes the same sentiment as 2015: the inability to find qualified talent to fill the ranks of those searching for work elsewhere. 
According to the 2015 survey completed by Manpower Group, one-third of hiring managers are still having a hard time finding good help. Although the technology field has long been publicized as suffering from this issue, other fields are beginning to sprout up including sales representation, managers and financial professionals.
By focusing on both hard and soft skills in terms of new hires, your workforce will be better well-rounded and ready to face a range of issues. Keep the following four skills in mind when screening applicants or creating a new development program:

  1. Communication capabilities: Hard skills are essential to have such as experience with technical behind the scenes work, but soft skills will always be in demand. Ensure your team is able to speak freely and efficiently with one another to develop ideas and future goals. Without effective day-to-day communication, your business will fail.
  2. Conflict resolution skills: Not all coworkers will have the same beliefs, especially as workplaces become more diverse. With this in mind, focus on new hires that have the ability to voice their concerns or opinions without shutting others down. Nonviolent communication is essential.
  3. Diverse management skills: Four generations of employees are now being placed in the same work environments. With this in mind, “”People from different generations in general have different views of the workplace, motivations, and communication preferences,” he says. “Managers need to use different management and communications styles for each employee,” said workplace consultant Stan Kimer in a recent Fast Company article.
  4. Willingness to develop: As the workplace changes, hire employees that are willing to adapt and flourish in it, not just sit in their own old ways.

Do you have any skills to add to the list?

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