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November 16, 2012

What Customers Have to Say About Online Training

“It worked great and it was definitely more interesting than other online training I have taken.” Nathan H., Aerodyn Engineering Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana
“It was great, probably even better than having someone come out and teach it.” Greg  D., Victor Envelope, Bensenville, Illinois
“I love it and will be using future programs from Mastery.”  Jennifer G., Online Stores Inc., New Stanton, Pennsylvania

These quotes represent a small selection of the hundreds of positive responses from a recent customer service survey. As part of our pro-active customer service approach, we reached out and phoned hundreds of our online pay-per-view customers to find out how they liked their most recent training purchase.
Of the 362 people we were able to speak with, 26 had not had a chance to take the course yet or didn’t have a comment. 5 people had questions or concerns, and a 331 customers shared positive feedback ranging from “the course was fine and got me what I needed” to “this course helped me tremendously, and I’ll be coming back for more.”
We felt it was important to reach out to customers and give them an opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback. It also helped give us insight into what is most important to our customers, such as having a certificate as proof of completion.

“I liked the convenience of doing it online. I found it very helpful and got certified.” Richard L., Sturgis, South Dakota

Beyond helping customers reach compliance requirements, a selection of other benefits were pointed out. It brings peace of mind to an employer to know their employees have the knowledge to prevent accidents, injuries and even death.

“This is a great program (Working at Heights: Stepback for Safety); my guys are learning properly with this program.” Isaac A., NQI, Inc., Vancouver, Washington

We were also able to gain insight on how customers interact with our support reps.

“Tech support was great, when I accidentally clicked the Spanish version, they helped me greatly.” Tyler C., Eagle Mountain, Utah

This process is one of many efforts we are taking to help our customers realize the benefits of training, while discovering new opportunities to create impact in the world of e-learning.

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