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June 22, 2015

Why should your business utilize video-based training?

How can videos aid in your employee development and retention process?

How can videos aid in your employee development and retention process?

Using videos for learning purposes has a range of benefits for employees and employers.
According to a recent study conducted by the University of St. Francis, using video components to train employees has been proven to enhance the employee learning experience and information retention.
The study concluded that students who learned information through videos remembered 50 percent of what they heard and saw, as compared to 10 percent who just read the information. 
Video-based learning engages employees in a manner that no other medium can accomplish. Videos can be used within every layer of a company including:

  • Corporate voice: Engage employees with an audible corporate voice. A video can introduce top-tier management to lower ranking employees creating a visual, friendly representation.
  • Internal processes: Utilizing a succinct, informational video instead of an email or meeting can change the way employees take in information for the better. Avoid lost emails, too many emails, long phone calls and ineffective weekly meetings and replace those with video updates and information instead.
  • Leadership communication: Train company leadership using video capabilities for a top-to-bottom effect. Using videos will display a passion and energy that can boost leadership morale, which can then trickle down to other employees.

A recent American Management Association (AMA) survey found 67 percent of top-performing companies offer manager training as a retention strategy. Using videos will only enhance this experience.
There have been many other benefits associated with video training including:

  • Availability on multiple technology channels: Employee training is going mobile. (Mobile as in phones, tablets, remote access, laptops etc.) Allow employees to watch learning videos on their way into the office, access the information from halfway across the globe and learn as necessary. Mobile training is the newest frontier of employee engagement, and video training is at its forefront.
  • Cost cuts: Once produced, videos can be used as many times as needed to educate employees. Avoid costly visits from multiple speakers and classroom settings, when instead videos can be utilized time and time again.
  • Efficiency: Skip all-day meetings, dense information-filled emails and PowerPoint presentations for effective videos instead. Videos have been proven to be more efficient and interesting for employees.
  • Employee engagement and productivity: Training worldwide costs about $130 billion a year. Make sure the training is effective enough to cover the rising costs. Training employees can boost morale, productivity and, in some cases, wages.
  • Flexibility: As stated above, videos can be watched remotely and accessed by in-house teams and freelance employees. Ensure everyone gets the same amount of training and remains on the same page without forcing them to break usual routines.

According to Vidcaster, employee engagement through the use of videos has also been proven to increase employee retention.
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