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March 8, 2011

Workplace Safety – How to Promote a Safety Culture at your Job

Safety training should not be viewed as a mere requirement your workers must sit through ever year; safety needs to be engrained in your workplace culture. In fact, OSHA stands by the notion of a safety culture providing the “single greatest impact on accident reduction.”
introduction to workplace safety
Employees need to see safety as a company priority at any and every level. Everyone should be aware of how to identify hazards and the measures they should take to control the hazards. Correct personal protective equipment needs to be used every time a job requires it. Employees at every level need to understand their own responsibility in creating a safety culture.
Safety Culture
The Video On Demand course, “Orientation: Introduction to Workplace Safety” introduces employees to workplace safety, and provides basic information on incorporating safety procedures into everyday job tasks. Use this training to demonstrate your commitment to safety, and help employees engage in the safety culture at your workplace.

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