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September 18, 2014

Workplace Wisdom: How To Know When You Are Being Bullied?

Ever felt as though you were being singled out? Have you been excluded on purpose from company events or purposely ignored? Better yet, are you the focal point of bad jokes on a consistent basis? If you answered, “Yes” to all of these questions then 9 times out of 10, you are being bullied at work.
bully 2 According to statistics, 96% of American employees have experienced bullying in the workplace, with 89% of these bullies have been bullying their co-workers for more than a year. A survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute states that 27% of Americans suffered abusive conduct at work and another 21% have witnesses it, while 72% are aware that bullying has taken place.
A recent article in Forbes What Workplace Bullying Looks Like in 2014 — How To Intervene addresses that certain types of bullying within the workplace can exist for years without anyone knowing. It is also said that the findings mentioned above are particularly with passive-aggressive bullying within industries, where as a result of this behavior one could experience increased job security.
In order to ensure that harassment is not taking place in your work environment, its parative that each individual does their part. Each person has their own responsibility to report any harassment that they may notice or are aware of. Mastery Technologies has a training that will help you take responsibility and doing your part to stop harassment within the workplace.
stop-bullying-sign-k-7052Mastery’s “You Can Stop Harassment: Taking Responsibility” is a course that helps employees identify harassment from the view of the Offender, Offended or the Observer and the importance of setting boundaries within the workplace.
Empower your staff to take a stand against harassment. To learn more about the many trainings aiding to preventing workplace harassment visit, or contact Mastery at 800.258.3837.

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