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March 7, 2013

You Can Replace PPE, You Can’t Replace Yourself

The purpose of personal protective equipment (PPE) is to protect us from potential hazards.  These potential hazards can be prevented when proper PPE is not only available but also in use.  “PPE: From Head to Toe” is one of Mastery’s training courses on proper use and the importance of PPE in the workplace.
This course covers the proper PPE for all areas of the body; head and eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, and body, hand and foot protection.   Both the employer and employee play a vital role in the use of PPE.  Many of these responsibilities are covered in the course:
Employer’s responsibilities:

  • Identify and asses hazards
  • Identify appropriate PPE
  • Training sessions
  • Periodically review PPE program

Employee’s responsibilities:

  • Attend training sessions
  • Wear PPE properly
  • Maintain your PPE and replace when necessary

It only takes a second to decide to use your PPE – and it could save you from great harm.  A major responsibility relies in the employee to learn about the PPE the employer provides, and then use it.  Keep in mind… you can replace PPE, you can’t replace yourself.
Another effective course regarding PPE from Mastery is, “Personal Protective Equipment.” For a full list of all our courses on PPE go here.

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