API Overview


The MasteryTCN API is a RESTful API to help you manage your courseware catalog by programmatically populating and updating your application metadata as well as to download fully-packaged courses for use on your LMS. Use this API to automate marketing and catalog processes. One example of a possible use of the catalog data can be found here.

The API syntax and workflow is simplified to allow you to refine the data ranges desired. Data regarding new courses, courses scheduled for discontinuation and courses that have been updated is available based on parameter selections.

To access the MasteryTCN API, you must first obtain an access key as described below.

Supported Capabilities

Metadata can be downloaded as an array in the body of the response and full course downloads can be obtained directly in the body of the response or as a downloadable file.

Excluded Features

The current release of the MasteryTCN API is intended purely to assist with the automation of catalog processes and is therefore limited to only a few simple calls. However, the depth of our API includes an additional 65+ retrieval AND submission calls that will be released for specific purposes soon. Contact your MasteryTCN representative for a preview of features yet to come.

API Access

Request an access key by completing and submitting the contact form here. You may also contact your MasteryTCN representative directly via email or phone.

Last Updated: August 9, 2023