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August 31, 2015

5 ways to enhance engagement in your business

Employee engagement often begins with leadership capabilities.

Employee engagement often begins with leadership capabilities.

Although over $164 billion was spent on employee learning and development programs in 2014, many management and leadership teams are still struggling with how to maintain employee engagement and productivity. Employee engagement remains a top concern for human resource executives as the need to improve continues to grow.
Recent research conducted by Ferrazzi Greenlight, a research-based consulting and training company, and Forbes has found that there are a few steps businesses can take to enhance their employee experience. Keep the following five tips in mind when developing or changing your business engagement plan:

  • Begin with passionate leadership: Engagement begins at the top-level of an organization. Be sure the managers in your business are not too busy to focus on their employees. Businesses must ensure leaders have the time to mentor employees and pass on their knowledge through both traditional and non-traditional means.
  • Build trust: A recent study found that one in four employees don’t trust their employer and only half believe their employer is open and up front with them. Trust is a vital part of employee development, as it creates both a sense of belonging in a workplace, but also strengthens social bonds. If employees are distrustful of their employer, they are likely to seek employment elsewhere, increasing overall turnover.
  • Focus on individual employees: Creating a separate plan for each employee depicts a sense of trust and interest in their future within your business. Identify areas where an employee should make improvements and areas where they are already succeeding. Outlining weekly, monthly and yearly plans may also help create a timeline an employee can follow and change as needed. Before implementing the plan, be sure it has realistic goals and an overall time frame for accomplishment.
  • Give constructive feedback: Constructive feedback is essential for workplace development and overall advancement. Feedback should be delivered in an effective, regular manner that enables an employee to make changes if necessary. It should be based on both created metrics and general information.
  • Provide multiple learning options: The way employees learn is changing, depending on the workforce in your particular business. As new workers enter the workforce and older employees remain, there must be tools readily accessible to train each in the best manner possible. Using technology and new studies on advancement coupled with older work practices, each generation can learn at their own pace. If the workers in your business are on the constant go, be sure to supply them with a means to learn that is mobile and readily accessible when they are ready.

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