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March 14, 2013

Caution: You May be More Rude Than You Think

Rude behavior is the enemy of good customer service; from the supermarket to the doctor’s office, employees should think of customers as the boss of the organization, and treat them as such in all situations.  Use the lessons from the training course, “That’s Just Rude!  Exploring the Rudeness Matrix,” to avoid being thought of as rude.
This course demonstrates rudeness measured in the eye of the offended party which is truly a matter of perception, and is extremely common in the customer service world.  There are four common ways in which the actions create a rude perception:

  1. Accidental rudeness by omission; unintentional, the most “innocent” caused by something you did not do purposely
  2. Accidental rudeness by commission; unintentional rudeness caused by something you did
  3. Intentional rudeness caused by omission; no response, caused by lack of action
  4. Intentional rudeness by commission; common method of this is one-word answers

Rude customer service leads to lost profits, which in turn leads to fewer jobs.  A clear understanding on how to properly deal with customers and issues that may frustrate them will help employees better cope with how to help and diffuse these situations.  Raising awareness on types of rudeness in your organization will help customer service reps thrive and produce a reliable source for your customers.

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